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Yorktown Systems Group (YSG) delivers high-quality training, mission support, technology, and human capital solutions for their clients’ most complex and challenging problems, on time and on budget.

The Situation

The YSG team had partnered with a local public relations firm to work on adjusting some of the company’s marketing initiatives when they got connected with us. With an internal marketing revamp in the works, the team felt like it was also key to look at how the company presented itself online.

Although functional, the YSG website didn’t support their positing efforts amongst competitors nor did it highlight YSG’s culture to potential employees. The website also had adequate scores on desktop when ran through Google’s Lighthouse tests (which rates sites based on performance, ADA best practices, and search engine optimization), but scored low on mobile devices.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to design a website that could recruit, impress, and perform. We sat down with the YSG team to create a user-experience strategy to ensure that whether a future employee or future customer visited the site, they found it easy to use and informative.

Secondly, our team strategized on how to make a memorable website that stood out from the crowd but also was tailored to YSG’s industry. In order to accomplish this, we needed to look at custom curated design elements, animations, and bold (but strategic) use of color.

Lastly, YSG needed a better performing website solution that was efficient on mobile devices. Which meant looking into streamlining the backend of the new site.

Crafting The Experience

In order to craft the perfect experience for YSG’s target audiences, we developed two different user personas: Future employees and future customers. A sitemap was created to ensure both target audiences could find the information they were looking for in two clicks or less.

Building The Look

From repeating call-to-actions to creating multiple ways to navigate throughout the site within a page; We designed every single element with efficiency in mind. When looking at design concepts, we didn’t want the website to follow the typical ‘block’ stacking method often seen throughout the government contracting industry.

Our team also wanted to create something completely unique to YSG. We built custom icon animations that are used as interactive elements throughout the site and could be integrated into YSG’s additional marketing collateral.

Responsive First Design

The YSG website didn’t just need to be flawless on desktop, but also on mobile and tablet. We ensured that no element of the design was lost as the site scaled down.


We built a website solution that was custom designed to meet YSG’s needs. From the navigation to the design, each process was a collaborative effort between our team and the YSG team.

In addition, we were able to give a bump to YSG’s Google Lighthouse scores for both desktop and mobile.