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Willbrook is an employee-centered and owned corporation, designed to provide the highest quality and experienced talent while maintaining competitive rates.


The Willbrook team approached Bold with a problem: their website no longer represented what they did as an organization nor supported their business goals. As an employee-owned business, Willbrook provides innovative analytical solutions for customers such as the Department of Defense, Army, and NASA.

However, their current site didn’t accurately showcase their services, nor did it serve their recruitment goals. The only ‘Open Jobs’ link was buried under text in one of the internal pages making it difficult to find.

Our team immediately dove into refining their sitemap to execute the ideal user-experience for both potential customers and employees.


With new contracts being won, Willbrook needed to be able to update their capabilities and recruit leading-edge talent through their website. Our challenge was to accomplish the following:

• Increase Willbrook’s website responsiveness and performance on mobile devices.

• Make it easier for talent to find open job listings on the site.

• Create an easy-to-use backend set up for Willbrook’s internal team to make updates to their capabilities, contracts, images, etc. without touching code.

Executing Goals

We designed the new Willbrook site with mobile in mind first. From button placements to content layout, we ensured responsiveness was integrated from design to dev.

In addition to adding ‘Open Jobs’ to the navigation, we prioritized specific call-to-actions across the site. Bolded buttons and large text aided in ensuring their visibility as well.

Lastly, our Developer created a customized back-end WordPress editor system to make it easy for the Willbrook team to make content edits in the future. Even if a person updating the site is not familiar with website development, every editor has been clearly labeled and structured for ease of use.


The new Willbrook site now performs 28 points higher on mobile in Google Page Speed Insights – which looks at file compression, responsiveness, and load time. All of which are important in Google’s search rankings.

Now, no matter where a potential employee ends up, the ‘Open Jobs’ link is accessible in less than two clicks.