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Redstone Gateway in Huntsville is more than an office park. It’s a collective of the brightest minds crafting the future of our region. The Gateway, which is managed by Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT), offers high visibility built-to-suit workspaces, retail, and hospitality through its 400+ acres nestled outside of the Redstone Arsenal.


To highlight what the future of work looks like in our region, the Gateway created Uncommon Access – a podcast where Huntsville’s thought leaders discuss trending topics around defense and business. This informal interview-style discussion is led by James Lomax, Director for Asset Management + Leasing for COPT.

We were brought on board to collaborate with both COPT and The Library Of_, a local content strategy & production company, to build a brand for the podcast from the ground up. Our favorite kind of challenge.


A podcast is a door that opens up access to information and insights previously undisclosed. As a representation of this, ‘Uncommon Access’ was chosen as the title for the podcast. Which is also tongue in cheek to the location of the Gateway.

To build off of the goal of the podcast and tie in the Redstone Gateway brand, we worked with The Library Of_ and COPT to land on the tagline – Chats of the Future with Redstone Gateway.

Building The Look

It was key that the look of the podcast wasn’t completely separate from the Gateway’s brand. But it also needed to stand on its own. We used the Redstone Gateway red and mixed in the secondary color, navy.

After narrowing down the initial concepts, we landed on a logo mark that is an updated take on the classic 1960’s radio station logos. A nod to a time that the Arsenal was all a buzz as our nation raced to the Moon.

Comprised of three parts, the logo incorporates the ‘U’ and ‘A’ to form a modern typographical podcast mic.

Supporting The Brand

Once the logo was established, we dove into creating supporting assets for the brand. In addition to several social graphics for the podcast features, we also built custom illustrations that would drive the intro animation for the podcast. Some of the notorious Huntsville skyline buildings were pulled together along with a few of the Redstone Gateway buildings highlighted in red.


The Uncommon Access podcast branding beautifully ties in the credibility that the Redstone Gateway brand has established, while also being strong enough to stand on its own. The custom illustration was the perfect landscape for the intro of the podcast that came to life through animation.