The Latch Batch Company

Identity Creation, Package Design, Stationery, Messaging, Social Media Graphics

The Latch Batch company reached out to Bold looking to refresh the company's current logo to better reflect their products. The previous logo had imagery of a pregnant mother which didn't quite apply to their post-pregnancy lactation products. The Latch Batch company creates hand-crafted products that are organic, free from mineral oils, parabens, or lanolin, and affordable. To reflect the love and dedication the company feels toward mothers, the brand needed a refresh.

We discovered that we could still tie in a feminine touch without directly including specific iconography. Through the creative process we were able to clarify its brand voice and define consistent messaging.

The Latch Batch company re-brand empowers women by offering approachable products at an affordable price. Our main goal was to establish a modern identity that reflects those values and targets post-pregnancy moms.