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Built on the bones of the century-old Martin Stove Factory that was once all work and no play, the reimagined Stovehouse is Huntsville’s premier destination for eats, drinks, shopping, and leisure.


Stovehouse features a diverse selection of eats and treats on top of multiple stages for live music, an exciting event center, and an eclectic venue for retail shopping. This multi-use destination was in need of an updated website that could support its diverse amenities and visitor base.

Although visually functional, the old website had a cluttered navigation that wasn’t user-friendly. Most caused the most urgency was certain features that tended to break on the old site. The previous website was built using a template theme that was bogged down by multiple plugins and was prone to features breaking.

And as one of our favorite neighbors, we couldn’t be happier to help improve their online experience for other customers looking to explore the Stovehouse campus.


Our team developed a strategy that focused on; a streamlined navigation, a custom-built site that didn’t rely on potentially hazardous plugins, and a seamless content management system that allows the client to update content without touching code.

We worked with the Stovehouse team to clean up the navigation and consolidate information across the site. New brand colors were introduced from the Marketing team at Stovehouse which made the color palette to work from more refined.

Crafting the Experience

Our team began with a content audit and wireframes that allowed us to work through page goals, content, storytelling, and the customer’s journey before the visual design began.

For the site design, we wanted to uphold the history of Stovehouse but with a modern twist. We decluttered the design of the site and focused on a minimalist yet timeless feel.

As beautiful as the front-end of the site needed to be, so did the back-end. We created an easy-to-use custom editor option for each element across the site. No headaches from dealing with cluttered themes or handing coding changes.

“An overlooked aspect of working with a WordPress developer is the backend design – a site can look and feel beautiful, but if it’s a pile of disjointed plugins behind the scenes it can be a nightmare to maintain. Bold created an easy-to-understand backend that has been a dream to work with. Every element is easily discoverable, simple to update, and works the way I’ve always wished a WordPress theme would work. ” – David Sikes, Director of Marketing @ Stovehouse


We wanted to make sure the site was future-proof and ready for new content additions and growth, while visually communicating the breadth of what the Stovehouse campus has to offer.

The custom site was built for scalability and a seamless experience on both mobile and tablet. Since 80% of the users visiting the Stovehouse site were from mobile devices, we built the site with a mobile-first design. Which such a high mobile audience base, our creative brains began to think….what else can we do for Stovehouse…

App Development

Our team design and developed our first iOS and Andriod application that takes the Stovehouse digital experience to a whole new level. We’ve taken the information most relevant to customers on the go and put it front and center in a way that just can’t be matched by a mobile website alone.

By providing a native mobile experience, customers can spend less time hunting for information and more time engaging with Stovehouse and the businesses within, leading to happier customers and tenants alike.

With Hermes, Bold’s custom WordPress integration, Stovehouse can manage the information that appears within their app from the same WordPress dashboard that they already use to manage their website. No separate databases, no multiple logins. And most importantly, no having to update the same thing twice when changes come about. Stovehouse can manage what appears on the welcome screen, create custom maps for each tenant, control what tenants are listed in the directory, and if needed, provide custom content that only appears within the app. The same functionality also extends to their events. Everything is integrated and kept in sync automatically. All of this, done in a way that doesn’t impact website performance or add extra steps.


Here at Bold, we haven’t a new website. We’ve built a solution to supporting Stovehouse’s diverse amenity base and the customers looking for information on the go.

In addition, we’ve built an app solution that can be adapted to work for any client needing more than just a mobile website. By offering these tools to our customers, we’ve empowered them to spend more time focusing on content for the end user, leading to a better experience for everyone involved, and most importantly, empowering customers to better engage with our clients’ brands.

We’re pretty proud to be the first creative agency in North Alabama that can create a customized mobile application and all in-house.