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Soundtrack is a revitalized outdoor amenity that acts as a multi-use connector for two buildings – 6940 + 6950 –  located at the Columbia Gateway development in Maryland. The amenity features outdoor walkways that meander through evergreen forest areas.


COPT approached our team to help develop a brand strategy for the amenity. This distinctive amenity needed a tagline, messaging, and logo that aided in the placemaking of the community. The challenge was establishing a brand for an amenity that was still in progress and could potentially change as the project went on.

Brand Strategy & Discovery

We started by discussing project details, goals, and conducting a competitive analysis on regional and national developments with amenity offerings similar to Soundtrack. This gave us insight into how a brand could help build a sense of location and deeper community connection.

We worked with their interior design team to pull a color palette built off of the initial 6940 amenity renderings and the current furniture palette residing in 6950. Playing off the name, a logo was built.

Tagline & Messaging

With the visual elements of the brand established, we turned to building a narrative that could be used to describe and inspire the use of the amenity. We collaborated with the COPT team to do a full messaging strategy – from establishing a brand archetype to looking at key brand distinguishers – our team looked at laying the foundation for the final tagline:

Connect To A New Rhythm

From the tagline, additional messaging copy was built:

Welcome to Soundtrack – a dynamic venue for companies who desire a different #worklifestyle.

Boogie Over to Cassette -View 6940

Swing On Into Record Room – View 6950

Explore a serenade of diverse common spaces and neighborhood amenities to support the way you work best.

Discover Your #worklifestyle. No matter how you work, we’ve got your rhythm.

Web Design & Development

One goal was to provide the Soundtrack property with a dedicated site for more visibility and promotion.