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Ignite provides expert services and solutions to Commercial, Federal, and State and Local customers across the nation. Their capabilities include software engineering, analysis, IT, cyber, and logistics.

The Situation

Ignite reached out to our team after they recently went through an ownership change and wanted to update their look. To quote, the owner said he wanted “a rebrand that shouted ‘We crush the competition!””

In Huntsville, the market is saturated with defense contracting companies who all have a similar look. Our goal was to deliver Ignite with a new logo, website, messaging , and additional collateral that would intimidate the competition. However, the owner still wanted to maintain a power symbol in the logo. Challenge accepted.

The Strategy

Our team looked at ways we could elevate the logo while still keeping the iconic power symbol. We ran an audit of the local market and found that similar companies followed the same redundant color palette. In addition, we looked into thicker fonts that gave a stronger impact. It is especially key at large conferences to have a logo that is legible from far distances.


The new Ignite logo has a beefier power symbol and a thick slanted font. Most of their local competitors had orange and blue as their primary colors – we chose the opposite side of the color spectrum with a highlighter green and a smoke black. We revamped their entire stationary set and in honor of their 20 year anniversary, we created a secondary logo that could be used to celebrate the milestone.

Bringing it all together

Once the new logo and messaging were established, it was time to turn to digital. We worked with the Ignite team to create a custom crafted site that met their needs and reflected the updated branding. It was all about the details. We tied in elements from the logo across the site. We even took the design a step further and added interactive elements like the stars in the home header that move with your mouse.

Placement was a key part of building out the web design. Everything had to follow a logical order while keeping the integrity of the brand. We take user experience very seriously and always ensure that a site is built for consistency across devices.

The Results

The new ‘murdered out’ Ignite website stands out against their competitors who shy away from the updated tagline, “Ignite Impossible”. Ignite now proudly has a brand that is consistent across stationary, swag, presentations, and on digital.

Fitted For Performance

The new Ignite site received a serious bump in Page Speed Insight scores and went from a 53 to a 92 on Hubspot’s site grader which looks at performance but also SEO.