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The Huntsville Sports Commission (HSC) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), organization that promotes and enhances the quality of life in Huntsville by identifying, recruiting, promoting, and staging sports events and meetings.


The brand hadn’t been updated in almost 20 years when the Commission’s marketing director approached our team. In honor of their 20 year anniversary, we were tasked with a rebrand for the Commission which included a new logo, website, messaging, and videography.

A Rebrand

We wanted the new logo to be sporty and touch on their mission without looking collegiate. It was also imperative that the logo didn’t lean toward iconography that would potentially favor one sport over another. Our team developed several comps and landed on a design that respected the history, mission, and continued work the Sports Commission does for the city.

The new logo was inspired by athletic memorabilia such as the school championship banners that you would see scattered around the gym walls. In addition, a star added to the bottom of the banner that connects to the other city organizations.

The Build Out

After flipping through several Pantone swatches, our team collaborated with the HSC team to land on a striking blue color palette that is unique to them. Watch out vendors – it’s not Carolina Blue, it’s Huntsville Sports Commission blue.

In celebration of their anniversary, we developed a sub logo that highlights 20 years of the Sports Commission. Knowing that the logo would need to be used in various orientations, we made sure that the logo could be responsive and still be identifiable.

Our team carried out the new HSC brand through supporting collateral and refined messaging. We collaborated with their Marketing Director on the Commission’s first annual report and guidelines that defines the credibility of the brand.

Going Responsive

Our interactive work kicked off with an intensive onsite interactive discovery and planning session with HSC. After years of operating without a responsive website, HSC needed the momentum of a new website to match their years of expertise.

We started with creating an information structure that was tailored to organizations wanting to host their event in Huntsville. The website also needed to provide information to those families involved or visiting the events.

We worked with HSC on collaborative sitemaps and wireframes, which we refined before starting on the design.

Their new website is custom crafted with a seamless user experience and high resolution event photography highlighted through the site. Pops of the color palette help elements grab attention and guide the user through the site.

The Results

The result is a striking new brand that gives the Commission the confidence to shout, ‘We Do Sports!’.

Continuing To Grow

To continue carrying out the new brand and building awareness, our team created a video series that highlights each of the Commission’s featured events. This on-going project has a few goals that each video must meet: The videos need to 1) highlight the new HSC logo 2) capture an overview of the event and 3) hype up the sports commission.

Three videos were rolled out onto their revamped social media platforms towards the end of 2020. Previous videos the commission created as event highlights received less than 350 views each – the new event video series received 412, 1.3k, and 715 views organically on Facebook alone.