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The Huntsville Madison County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) works to make our community safer. They serve the people who work, live, and visit Madison County by providing the best information about local hazards, weather, and emergency preparedness.


We were approached by the EMA to help craft a better website solution for their users. The current website wasn’t streamlined for easy navigation and had information buried in sub pages. The site also wasn’t designed in a way that allowed for responsive viewing on mobile or tablet devices. It also wasn’t built in a way that allowed for easy updating for people who didn’t have an understanding of coding language. This made it hard for internal members of the team to make updates to the site as needed.

Bottom line, our job was to make sure that the EMA could provide critical resources to our community in the most efficient way. A heavy responsibility that we humbly took on. 


We developed a strategy that would implement a contemporary aesthetic and an informative yet assertive voice for their brand. Our focus was to execute; a modern design, a streamlined experience, and to serve priority information first. This meant designing critical elements of the site in visually cleaner and easier to use way. We built a full suite of custom iconography to aid in visual identifications.

Lastly, since the EMA is a government organization, we wanted to ensure that the site was ADA compliant and inclusive. 

Crafting the Experience

We narrowed and decluttered the sitemap from 22 to 6 tabs, while making sure the drop downs were clean and condensed. User-experience was essential for this site. We developed several different user-personas and looked at every aspect of their user-journey on the site. The interior pages were designed to display a clear and concise hierarchy of information. 

From colors to font and button sizes, the website was designed with ADA compliance in mind. We also included a multi-language functionality that can be used on desktop viewing. We cleaned up the overall site to make it faster on load speed. 

Since the Safe Room Locations page is their second highest viewed page on the site, we made sure to get rid of the PDF links and created an interactive map so that users can easily navigate their closest safe room.


The site now effectively scales for every device type. From mobile to tablet and desktop, the site was designed to have a consistent experience no matter what device it’s being viewed on. 


We updated the EMA’S website to be a modern, user-friendly, and responsive on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Google Lighthouse, which is a critical judge of a website’s overall effectiveness, now gives the site a 95% on performance and 100% on accessibility. Users can now easily reach the information that they are seeking in order to stay safer in Madison County.