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Hele Bowls is rooted in bringing nutritional, diet inclusive meals to-go customized just the way you want it! Their mission is to provide fresh ingredients in every bowl while playing a role in helping the environment, for a better, and more sustainable future.


Owner Stephen Gannon was looking to bring a new restaurant concept to Cullman that provided fresher to-go options. Our team sat down with Gannon and head Chef Sarah Morrow to discuss creating a restaurant brand based on this concept. Starting from scratch meant building the brand from the ground up – name, messaging, tagline, and then the logo.

Our Objectives were to:

  • Create a unique brand that attracts a healthy, diet conscious target audience
  • Design a web experience that offers a user-friendly ordering platform for takeout
  • Run marketing & advertising campaigns that strengthens brand awareness

Brand Identity

After several brainstorming sessions, our team landed on a name for the restaurant – Hele Bowls. Hele or to-go in Hawaiian, blended the to-go based options the restaurant provides along with Morrow’s roots.

With the name established, Hele needed a brand identity that was fresh, fun, and unique to their concept.

Crafting the Experience

Our goal was to emphasize more than just a name or a logo, but a fun brand that emphasizes sustainability. This appealing, quick, and healthy option can meet anyone’s needs and lifestyle.

“Say Hi to Sustainability”

The Hele Bowls voice is distinctive, inviting, & bold. Hele Bowls is an eco-friendly company that helps the environment through their sustainable practices. With Hele Bowls, it’s healthy, fast, and delicious – and for a good cause!

Visual Language

Hele’s brand system is made up of five elements: color, typography, pattern, custom iconography, and photography. When viewed collectively, these elements provide the ultimate sense of fun, fresh, and sustainable. We created a brand guidelines to define how elements should be combined, and when.

The Experience Design

Creating the website is when our team really started to see the Hele brand come to life. A website is such an important touchpoint and frequently a customer’s first experience with a brand. We created a streamlined 3-page site that quickly allows customers to order online or order for delivery.

The custom menu preview aides in providing transparency to the restaurant’s quality-first ingredients. A full nutritional menu can also be downloaded which indicates calories, allergy restrictions, etc.

Small animated elements were tied into the pages to give a joyful, fun experience to the site.

Bringing It All Together

We helped align Hele Bowls’ mission to a visual brand . Additionally, we worked with their team to craft their brand messaging and positioning to build a strong foundation for their brand.

Spreading The Word

The Hele Bowls brand emphasizes the importance of sustainability and healthy eating. With a combination of branding + web design + marketing, Hele Bowls is positioned for growth. Their brand reflects these appealing poke’ bowls that leave you wanting more.