Book Illustration & Creative Strategy

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The Greater Huntsville Humane Society (GHHS) is a no-kill shelter dedicated to furthering the humane care and treatment of animals and providing adoption services for the unwanted and homeless animals.


We teamed up with The Greater Huntsville Humane Society as part of our Bold Impact Initiative.

The Humane Society sat down with us last year to discuss creative campaign ideas that would bring awareness to the Humane Society’s work and aide in fundraising. Their team described several stories during our meetings, but a particular bittersweet story about a litter of Morkie puppies stuck out. Interim CEO, Spencer Batchellar, recalled a hoarding situation in North Alabama that had 27 dogs livings in an unacceptable environment along with 5 tiny Morkie puppies that were discovered as they were leaving. From this conversation with the GHHS team, A Morkie Story was born. This true story narrates the rescue of 5 Morkie puppies who were saved from a hoarding case here in North Alabama.

This project was a first under our new Bold Impact Initiative where every year we will partner with a local non-profit organization on a creative campaign that aids in the organization’s fundraising or brand awareness.

The Process

Our goal was to figure out the best way to make a creative contribution that would profit the Humane Society and execute it in a way that would make an impact. We decided to make a children’s book! We met with the GHHS several times recalling details from the situation – which left our team in tears most meetings. The concepts were then storyboarded and sketched to start. With a customized font, and 100% in-house illustrations we were able to execute the story in the best way possible.

Through bright illustrations and text, the rescue story could be brought to life in a way that would balance out the severity of the situation to ensure it was both kid friendly and educational.

A Happy Ending

The Morkie Story was built to be both charming and educational. We are so proud to have worked on a project that not only promotes reading but goes toward a cause that helps  animals in our local community.

All of the Morkies were adopted and accounted for at this year’s Dog Ball, which was held on February 5th 2022 and where the book was first unveiled. All of the proceeds of the story go toward the Greater Huntsville Humane Society so that they can continue their mission of rescuing, training, adoption, education, and advocacy to ensure the humane treatment of animals. Spencer Batcheller, Interim CEO of the Humane Society, notes  “I can’t thank the Bold Agency enough for truly capturing a side of rescue most do not see. This children’s book will live on to educate and spread awareness!”

To purchase the book, click here.