Branding & Packaging

Dos Amigos Salsa is a locally owned salsa company offering hand stirred jalapeño products such as jellies, salsas and corn salsa.


Dos Amigos is a fiery, irresistible blend of smoky and citrus flavors that makes any ol’ tortilla chip taste like a fiesta. Owner Clint Plant started Dos Amigos from his home kitchen after his favorite Mexican restaurant went out of business…along with their salsa. We were approached to build a brand foundation for this new company that included a logo design, merch options, and a label design for their foundational salsa recipe.

The Aesthetic

Although humble in their roots, the Dos Amigos branding needed to be easily identifiable among the mass competition lining the store shelves. And although serious about his salsa, owner Clint Plant didn’t want a brand that was too serious in its design.

Brand Strategy

Our team noticed that where most salsa products used text based designs and illustrations for their labels, we had the opportunity to add personality to the label with characters.

Grab Your Amigo

We developed a playful brand consisting of bright colors that match the fiery taste of this salsa. Along with a custom illustration pattern, the new label features the design of two amigos…Dos Amigos!

Because salsa is best enjoyed with an amigo.