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Doradus is a privately held, boutique real estate investment company headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama. They focus on delivering superior risk adjusted returns for investors through value-add acquisitions, development, and asset management of Hospitality, Multifamily, and Commercial Real Estate assets.


When the Doradus team reached out to us, their current site was limited with the ability to truly show off the significance of the projects they work on. It also did not list their services and therefore the site was lacking in the ability to support their positioning efforts. Lastly, the site lacked mobile-friendly functionality and was in need of some TLC.


We developed a strategy t0 design a website that would showcase Doradus’ projects on a grander scale. We wanted to make it a website that would both impress and be informative – which meant a streamlined user-experience and a design that upheld the Doradus brand.

Building The Look

Doradus recently had their logo re-designed and it was crucial that new site incorporated elements of the new logo in order to help build a cohesive brand. We choose to include geometric angles in a creative way without being distracting.

When you’re working with a company that has core values such as the building blocks of real estate—strategic locations, forward-thinking design and long-term value, we had to incorporate reflections of those elements within the site.


We updated the Doradus website to reflect their new aesthetic by incorporating the geometric angles of the logo, as well as highlighting their projects and services in a more visual way.

The site is now built with mobile responsiveness in mind and has an easy-to-use backend portal for Doradus to update their site without ever touching code.