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The Beehive Baking Company in Birmingham, AL creates garden inspired, hand-crafted baked goods delivered straight to your door with a smile.


This Big Pitch competition winner had recently received funds to expand their business when they reach out to Bold. With their winnings in hand, the company purchased a delivery van to make order transportation easier. But before they focused on the van wrap, they wanted to look at brand refresh.

The company had issues with the lack of scalability of their current logo and didn’t have standard font and color use that builds a cohesive brand.


So with our mindset on all things carbs, we dove in. We created a custom hand drawn illustration and font for the Beehive logo to reflect their own methodology. A cornerstone of their values is also to highlight both seasonal and regionally produced ingredients in all their menu items. We were able to feature the company mascot the bee (aka the ultimate farmer) along with a wheat and rosemary twig to further convey the company’s values.


The Beehive Baking Company’s new brand is a reflection of their mission and the detail that goes into every baked good they make, just for you.

In addition to the new logo, we created a hand illustrated icon suite and van wrap design to help build brand cohesiveness. The client was also given brand guidelines that identify consistent use of fonts and colors. The Beehive Baking Company now has the roots it needs to keep growing.