Thriving website traffic and social media popularity amidst COVID-19 crisis

In the day of digital demand, the importance of media is substantial.  Many people moved to a digital platform and work-from-home early 2020 when the pandemic forced businesses out of office and into the seclusion of their homes. This quickly raised the need for information to be quickly and easily attainable from people across long distances, and as time has gone by the need for website and social media importance has not slowed. 

Website traffic has skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic and is not slowing down anytime soon. In fact, according to Data given by Hubspot, an American developer and marketer of software products for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, the total monthly volume of traffic to the websites of customers based on 103,000+ companies has risen 64% from March of 2020. Having an established website for any business is crucial to success.

A website is the center of online presence. Without an online presence, businesses are losing out on strategic marketing that will help growth. There is a large reach with an online presence that can expand the information a business is trying to establish to consumers in an easy and convenient way. If a consumer, or potential customer, is curious about what the business offers, all information about the business is a few clicks away. A successful website should include a clear definition of the brand, hours of operation, contact information, a map of location, and other important information that consumers will easily be able to find. 

Contact growth has grown 42% since the pandemic in early March 2020 according to Hubspot, further proving that websites are not dying, and in fact are growing astoundingly. To be a successful business in the modern marketplace, a business must have a well designed website with updated information that will add to credibility and strengthen the relationship between business and consumer. Information that is provided on company websites is accessible to people at any time. 

The same is said for online presence on social media. Social media marketing can help build your business. Some of the benefits of social media marketing include growing brand awareness, increasing traffic, and easily promoting products and services. Using social media as a marketing tool is advantageous in creating brand recognition.  According to SproutSocial, a social media management and optimization platform, over 3.6 billion people globally use social media and the number is only projected to increase to 4.41 billion in 2025. Social media advertising helps businesses stand out and form a uniqueness that brings awareness and curiosity to consumers. In fact, 57% of consumers will follow a brand to learn about new products or services according to SproutSocial. With social media popularity, entrepreneurs can use the tools to engage with their target audience directly. Direct marketing to target audiences create benefits that will leave consumers feeling loyal to the brand and develop a relationship between business and customer. Utilizing social media for marketing has many benefits, including creating brand recognition. 

Brand recognition is one of the most important factors in marketing goals, and it is much easier to do this when the world is at your fingertips with social media. Brands are able to share their mission and story with their audience, and doing so could have a great impact on the brand’s image.